I am sick and tired of my friends . This morning I was woken up by a series of phone calls from a friend, we’ll call her J. J (19F) has no money, BECAUSE she refuses to get a real, full time job. J’s current job is a summer camp counselor (a job her girlfriend (16F) got her), but she refuses to spend any of her paycheck in order to afford a surgery she’s planning to undergo this November. Anyway, J calls me and asks if she can give something that I stole to a friend as a birthday gift. While I might have considered letting her have it, I was deterred by the previous circumstances around this item. J wanted to give a friend (that I don’t know) a set of lead letters that engrave cheap metal when hammered on. J had always heavily scrutinized myself and others in my friend group on shoplifting, so I was very apprehensive to give here these for nothing. J then offered to buy me weed in exchange for the letters. Being the hooked junkie I am, I agreed. Tonight, as I was making plans with J and the rest of our friend group, I brought up that J should bring the weed she owed me to the kickback we were having. IMMEDIATELY, J’s girlfriend (K) told me to “let it go” and that she’ll cover for her (K is already giving J her entire summer paycheck to cover her surgery, and at this point, how invested K is for this is worrying). I message K and tell her to not cover for her, and K responds, “she had NO money. NONE”, which is not true. I am now sitting, slightly disgruntled, and mostly done with the ups and downs of this stupid friend group.