So I finally got up the courage to ask a girl out at work. She accepted. We hit it off. Bad timing-she was going to visit her grandparents in Vancouver soon after.
We kept in contact, she was gonna come back around september.
It is October. I asked her when she figured she’d be coming back and she told me probably no time soon- she now has a permanent job in vancouver.
To make things worse, I learned to bake a special desert (tarimasu) because she told me it was her favorite desert she had ever had, AND I spent months making a hyper realistic drawing based on the picture we took on our date.
I’m super upset and just all in all disappointed. She’s the first girl I’ve dated. Theres been more shit happening prior to this and currently so I just feel broken. Like I’m super sad but I can’t even cry. I don’t know what to do.