I long for a beautiful home of my own and freedom and space of my own. employment and social contacts. etc my parents want to leave all they have to me. I was never a person who believed in selfishness or favouritism and to be honest I am no more their favourite then any other children they have, its just that I am more practical, loyal, caring and not controlled by dick/pussy. I keep my head straight on and don’t expect a man to love or care for me, where as my sisters and brothers have all had several marriages and children and work and are literally slaves to their lovers. I am not a lover. I am just a single woman and I only want a husband now and not willing to take crap anymore. I am pleased if my parents do leave everything to me, because I do know I have earnt it harder then my siblings. They don’t keep in touch and never talk to us and don’t tell us what they own or have etc so we don’t feel the need to same. If we won lottery or anything like that we wouldn’t even tell. I think keeping secrets and telling half things to people and joking over most things works best and also you can tell when they are not even listening.
They are just waiting to speak and thinking of what they want to say . I would never see my brothers and sister without a home and roof over their heads on the street and if i won money tomorrow into the millions I would help them out as well. but I won’t be bullied by them when they have multiple marriages and jobs and I am alone with zero and miffed out by the defeat of age and ugliness and poverty as any other alternative right now. I can only pray things will improve and something good will come.