I cant stand this bitch anymore. She takes all her anger out on me and I cant deal with it. She knows im stressed and i have school and everything but she thinks im the most laziest person ever while she never had a job for as long as ive known. She steals my sisters, her fiances, and my money and lies that she doesn’t. Fuck her. She calls me every name i know. “Bitch”, “Motherfucker”, “Disgusting”, “Pig”, etc. She thinks im a mean person but i only ever have an attitude and act like a bitch towards her dumbass and her finace. I can’t wait to move out in a few years. Like damn what the fuck is wrong with her the past 8 years. She can go suck an asshole. (shes not and druggie, alcoholic, none of that. Shes just a fucking strict ass dumb slutty bitch who needs therapy for emotionally abusing me EVERY SINGLE DAY.) Shes ruined my personality and shes going to ruin my future life.