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my relationship problems

me and my boyfriend have been arguing alot for the last two months over nothing. its really fucking annoying. it could be from me hanging out with one of my guy friends to him calling another girl hot. we have been dating for almost 11 months now, and honestly im getting tired of it. im not saying i dont love him because i love him with all of my heart its just so fucking stressful. im not going to lie im highly suicidal, and when i told him i cut again he got pissed off at me and hasn’t talked to me since. well up till i updated my status on facebook saying i was hanging out with my guy friend keith taking pictures (im a photographer) thats when he texted me saying “wow, and to think i could trust you” like what the actual fuck is wrong with him. he says he trusts me then gets pissed off at me again for trying to be happy?! i was hanging out with him for not ever a whole 45 minutes but thats not what he cares about, all he cares about is that i was with another guy. i got fed up with all the shit he was saying, and honestly i cut the fuck out of myself. he doesnt know that, and after today i dont think im gouing to tell him. i dont think our relationship is going much farther at this point, and honestly its killing me.




i want a best friend (why don’t people like me?)

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  1. Emmi

    I’ve been in a relationship for a year on the 21st of January so honestly I understood how stressful they are- I’ve cried myself to sleep so many nights and asked myself if it’s right to stay with him but what you’ve got to think about is your well being- is he good for you because if not then don’t waste your time! Honestly it’s easier said than done but you shouldn’t have negative people in your life because it puts you down… He should help you not get pissed off its disgusting… Please just think of life as an adventure- there are good things coming your way hunnie

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