My sister is one year older than me and I am a senior in high school. Her boyfriend is also in the same grade as I am. They started dating when I was a junior and I never liked him. He annoyed and frustrated me all the time. Both of them knew I didn’t like him which eventually transpired into her not liking me. Since then, we have not gotten along at all. We always fight and it’s gotten to the point where my mom has been diagnosed with major stress and is seeing a therapist for it . I got my prom dress early, a couple weeks ago in order to avoid the crowd. I’ve been happy with my dress but I’ve been annoyed because my sister has decided on going to prom too with her boyfriend who is in my grade. I’m frustrated because, for me it’s my prom. She has already had hers. Like I don’t want her there. She already went last year so why does she have to go again. She got her dress today and it is pretty. I just feel like she is going to upstage me. Like this is going to be one of my last nights doing anything high school related and she has to be there??! I just feel really insecure and I have this feeling that I hate. I suppose it could be a little jeoulsy because she has such a good body. My dress is lace and it has 0 sparkles but now I feel like I should’ve chosen a dress with sparkles.