i miss my sister more than anything. she’s my best friend. she’s at boot camp right now and the only way i can talk to her is by letter. she barely has time to write letters and when she does, it’s just a short paragraph to my whole family updating us on how she is. i look forward to every letter but i just miss her so much. we would do everything together. i miss just randomly going for a drive just to listen to music. i miss going on hikes. i miss going to target just to walk around and laugh. when she comes back, it’s just for ten days and then she has to leave again. i can barely even spend those ten days with her because of school. apparently missing school to spend time with my family before she leaves is terrible and not allowed. i’d pick up my work and do it at home but i guess that’s unacceptable for my shithole of a school. i don’t know. i guess i’m just saying that i miss my sister