She has to be the biggest bitch in the world! She mentally abuses me so much, and gets away with saying “n*gger” and “f*ggot” IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS. If I were to say that, (which I would never) in front of my parents, they’d smack me, take away my phone and just leave me in my room to cry. I also hate her because she’s constantly making noise on purpose. If I were to ask “Please stop chewing with your mouth open” she’d say something like “Shut the fuck up, stop getting all triggered, stupid n*gger,” and the other person would automatically be on her side and say “Yeah Skylar, calm the hell down” She’s so fucking messy, too. We share rooms, and every time I offer to help clean her side of the room, she says no, but she’s a messy, hungry hippo bitch trapped in a person, and everyone loves her so much to ever hear my side of the story, just because she’s older. She gives me headaches and I fucking hate her and my father so much. If they were to die, I wouldn’t have a care in the world because they’ve both screwed up the family, not just me. I’ve attempted suicide more than 3 times because of them. The only reason I stopped because I told myself “It’s gonna get better. In a few years, you’ll move out,” but I realize not until 6 more years. Until then, I’ll have to suffer in this hell hole.
Please give me advice or something, because I hate her and now she’s making me hate myself