My sister is such a fucking shithead. We are going to go abroad and live there for years because of my parents’ jobs and she has to come along. She has done so many shit here while she lived in her dorm for senior high that my parents don’t trust her being left alone here even if she will be under adult supervision. I don’t even want to go abroad but the only thing making me want to go is so I can escape the living hell I have been through with my sister. The worst part about all of this though is that we have to share a fucking room because apparently the stupid government won’t give that much of a budget to my parents to spend on our house and they even have this stupid law in the consulate that if a diplomat has 2 or more children, they can only have separate rooms if they are of different gender. Oh well guess what? both of us are fucking girls so I guess we have to share the same room. This may sound petty that over all the problems we will face abroad, this is what I am ranting about, but no it is not. My mom and my sister do not get along at all and they always have so many fucking fights and misunderstandings. They always have to argue in our room which is so annoying. It literally affects my sleeping schedule because their fights can end up til 3 am. It also affects my academic performance because who the fuck can study and do their homework while two people (sometimes including my dad) are screaming their asses off until they can be heard throughout our very small neighborhood. Ever since she got accepted to a school far away from our house, our parents spent a shitload of money for that expensive school and of course her fucking dormitory (we have financial issues but because my sister was being an ungrateful cunt due to her present school, they let her change schools). My life was so chill and peaceful when she left the house. I could finally have my own fucking privacy at last and even if I fought with my mom sometimes, it was not as violent and noisy like my mom and sister’s arguments. Although my state of complete peace and quietness ended when my parents decided they would get my fucked up sister from her dorm which takes 4 sometimes more than 4 hours and bring her back home because lo and behold they don’t trust whatever it is she has been doing at school. To put further clarification, let me elaborate what she has been doing.
1.) lost a shit ton of money for carelessly leaving her bag on the table
2.) Not keeping up with her curfew and sneaking people in her dorm room
3.) Going back to the dorm lobby drunk to the point she was on a wheelchair and could barely stand up
4.) Wasting her weekly allowance on going out to expensive restaurants, buying alcohol, and useless shit she doesn’t need
5.) Engaging in many sexual relations with people (which makes my parents fume up because of them being conservative and their religious beliefs)
6.) Not responding to our parents’ texts about her whereabouts and worrying the,m the fuck out
7.) Every week, we have to bring our maid to her dorm because even if she is 17, she does not know how to cook and do her chores; and if we don’t bring our maid, we still have to go there to clean her dorm, change her bed sheets, and get her dirty laundry to be washed all the way at home. (she is a spoiled brat even f I am 13 and way younger)
8.) The worst part is because my parents are very paranoid about a lot of things, they have to bring me with them to the dorm because I can’t be left alone in the house by myself. This really takes up half of my day during weekends because I have to do my homework and study for tests once I get home which is always midnight or sometimes, after midnight.
This list can go on and but my fucking fingers are gonna fall off from aggressively typing on the keyboard too much, so I will stop
Hope everything will be chill once I get to San Francisco and hopefully have a fresh new start.