Where do I start… Every day I sit in my room, I can’t relax without listening to music or play some video games with the volume cranked up to the max which isn’t relaxing at all. But that’s where my absolute annoying cunt of a piece of shit scumbag brother comes in; sits in his room and plays CS:GO all day long and shouting like crazy into his mic with his FUCKING ANNOYING VOICE THAT MAKES ME WANT TO RIP HIS THROAT OUT AND BOIL HIS FACE, his shouting and annoying voice makes me go insane. In school it isn’t much better, with annoying sounds everywhere as well, but that’s another topic. When I ask him to kindly not shout like crazy, he makes fun of me and keeps being a fucking stupid ass like always.. I don’t know what to do, it’s making me have a mental breakdown. I just to rage at him. But I love him at the same time, and sometimes, SOMETIMES, he is okay.

But it doesn’t end there, that’s just a start! He makes annoying mouth sounds when eating, even louder than normally, because he knows that it annoys me. I have figured out many times that he a lot of the time likes to piss me off on purpose and thinks it’s funny. I’m a very sensitive person, yet he keeps being an absolute ass to me.