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This isn’t exactly a rant. It is the best way to get information from more experienced people without revealing my identity. As a guy I developed early. I was hung for a guy my age and many of the older girls noticed. I was molested, at age 9, by a horny 13 year old that tricked me into tying my hands behind my back. Then she pressed me against a wall and deflowered me. I loved it. From that day on I couldn’t get enough sex. Some of my sex partners couldn’t keep up with my sex drive. Then, at age 11, I met my match in a drop dead gorgeous, 14 year old nympho. She would meet me at 5 am every morning and we would finally quit after 5 pm. That went on for every day of the week for a month. Then my handsome 15 year old buddy wandered onto out meeting place. He broke up our little meetings for a few days until she began to date him. According to him she dated him on a Monday and dropped him on a Friday for another guy. I was a good friend and comforted him while he cried on my shoulder. Two weeks after that I was told that she had morning sickness. At age 11 I tried lol. I told her if I had anything to do with her condition I was ready to take responsibility for my actions. She thought about it and told me I was too young to get a job. She also said my family was too poor. She said she would name some guy as the dad. t’s been 8 years and I’ve talked to 3-4 people about this. They’ve all said it wasn’t possible for a guy my age to impregnate a girl. Some have even said I wasn’t even having sex even though she often screamed “harder, push it in deeper aiieeee!!” They also said she was just a whore. But it does worry me that I could have a kid that I will never meet. Surely, experienced people on this site can say things to put my mind at ease. We’ll never meet, so don’t hold anything back, I can take it.


why tf do i need a title


Screw Life In General


  1. i smell like rectumumumum.

    uh, 5″ is not hung.

    i commend you for trying though.

    • Trent

      Who said anything about 5 inches? I was at least 7 inches at age 13. The women at the Health Department had a habit of asking some vey uncomfortable questions whenever they had me take my clothes off. The questions began when I was 10 or 11. I know girls began to whisper and say some dirty things about me when I reached the 6th 4th grade. The teachers began to stare when I reached the 5th grade.

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