I usually listen to a lot of my friends problems, be it friends, boyfrend, or work. It’s whatever, I’m shit at comfort but I try my best but I guess it works because they keep coming back. I’m fine with listening to friends, it gets me updated in their life in a weird way and I’m glad when I can help them. But this whole week has been the worse week for me this year. On 4th of July my boyfriend and I broke up, and 2 days later my last grandma had just passed… she passed so soon and she lives so far away so I couldn’t just visit her. Many of my friends know these two details, mainly the ones who rant to me because they really are good friends. But ffs, I feel like I can’t have any positivity with some of my friends, it’s almost suffocating with the negativity with this week. I don’t want to hear your problems right now, I don’t want to make you feel better because I need that. I don’t care if that makes me sound selfish, this negativity that lingers in my social life isn’t helping me feel better about what’s happening. Maybe this is the reason why I want to close off communication with my friends for a good week… and perhaps I should.