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Never Good Enough

I have a problem.
No matter what I do, I’ll never be good enough.
I used to think that I could paint really well. But then my sister started painting. She’s applying for an art college now.
I used to think that I could sing. Then my sister started singing and is now in an advanced chorus class.
I used to think that I looked good before my sister showed off her flawless body and COMPLAINED that it was bringing her attention.
I used to think I had a shot, but not anymore. She’s gonna become an artist with an amazing partner and maybe even a singer. What am I gonna get? A scholarship to a college where I waste 4+ years of my life to get a degree that can land me in a boring office job?
I don’t know what to do and any time I bring this up, people say that it’s annoying when I complain and no one wants to listen to me.


Its my fault and I will take responsibility


im stupid

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  1. Anonymous

    don’t give up painting or singing!!!!!
    keep doing it, it takes time, u will eventually get noticed, give it 5 years

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