Here I am, at 18 with no real sense of the world. Got my first job as an apprentice mechanic, with colleagues who just work for themselves but occasionally throw in a bit of humour and friendliness. There’s one guy who’s an absolutely genuine and lovely man, he’s the only person who makes me laugh and keeps the day moving. fucked up thing is, he’s leaving next week and I plan to do the same. I can’t deal with being underpaid illegally ¬£42.50 a week its fucking disgusting some weeks where I’m literally struggling to pay for my own fucking food for lunch because my boss cannot run a company for shit. I’m sick of customers not being happy with prices and the fact that we work so fucking hard to fix their car yet they moan when the labour cost comes into effect.

I have a plan to get interviews for Mercedes and Vauxhall and Ford, all are brilliant companies that will be a lot better in the money front and employee terms and conditions.

I am extremely happy for my friend (mentioned earlier) who has managed to get himself a job at Vauxhall and will be paid the correct wage, and can finally start to be happy. He really does deserve it and I’m proud of him for standing up to his employer.

We’ll see how I get on in the coming weeks.

Rant over.