So I’m in high school and I hated the first two years of being girly and still feeling entirely like an outsider. I tryed to do most things alone. I obviously complained to my parents and kept asking to move schools. My parents then suddenly said that we are moving. About an hour away. This means I have to move schools. As soon as I went into school knowing I would be moving. I was just me. I didn’t care if anyone liked me or not. Turns out everyone started being nice to me and inviting me to things ect ect. I started getting really close with the guys and they are the best friends ever and I’ve tols them things I wouldn’t dare dream of telling anyone else. Then I did move. And I’m back to being an outsider. I’m back to be unpopular. I’m back to being alone. I miss them. I miss my school. I wanna go back. The last 6 months in that school was the best time in my life. I still text them but it’s not the same. I really wish I had never complained about that amazing school or I would still be there with the friends I love and trust. I’ve finished my rant now and I’m sat here crying. I just needed to get it off my chest