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no friends

i dont even know where to being. im so so sick and tired of having no friends, it ruins every other aspect of my life it seems. it constantly brings me down. i have a boyfriend, so at least i have that going for me. but when he’s out doing whatever hes doing, im at home, alone, and have nobody at all to talk to. i try to make friends, but nobody ever texts back. ive never been a centerpiece of any friendship, ive always been that friend thats kind of on the sidelines of a friend group and if i left or died or something it wouldnt affect the group at all. im just so tired




Friend zone:(

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  1. LF

    I’m not trying to be harsh but it sounds like you’re holding yourself back, Life has lots of avenues to pursue but you’ve made it in your mind that this way or that way is how things should go. Having friends isn’t the issue having the right kinds of friends. Activities can be visiting some old in need of friendship or someone under hospice care. What hobbies have perhaps posting your hobbies on the internet might bring common interest for you and them. Some colleges have lots of night course like knitting, photography, computers and so much more.

    Just my point of view.

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