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I’m Jen. I’ve been anorexic for a month now. My dad was the first one to notice. My dad told me that I’ll die soon if I continue starving myself and living on only sips of water. My mom, on the other hand, doesn’t really care. I know they’ll be like this but this morning, my dad told me “If you get diagnosed with a disease, don’t come running to us.” That hurts. It feels like I got abandoned by my own family.

First of all, why did I decide to starve myself? I do not like what I see in the mirror every morning. All I see is a pig who would try harder to fit in with my skinny friends. School is coming in a month and 2 weeks. I want to see people again without feeling insecure. Like honestly, I get annoyed when thin girls at school be like “I’m so fat. I need to exercise.” LIKE BITCH STOP. I would do anything to get my dream body. Anything.

Second, I feel really sad that my dad said those words. My parents don’t understand. And you, the person reading this, at the back of your head, you’re probably like “but it’s just appearance, why is she doing this” Well. you. do. not. understand.


Do I have to like everything?


I’m not ok

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  1. Anonymous

    I’ve been there and I would say that u need to foster in the real problems in your life and not distract yourself with these issues

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