So, I don’t have my own room, I share it wih my 10-year old little sister. Myself, I’m 15 and I’ve recently started to HATE not having my own room. Earlier, for about four years or five now I haven’t had my own room and it’s always been like “okay it doesnt bother me.” Ut now, I don’t spend time in my room anymore because basically it’s my sisters room.

When so comes home from school, she goes to the room (which I most likely tidied the night before) and makes the whole room a mess. She leaves her toys and school books and clothes all around the room and I am always the one who cleans the room.

She blasts music too loud, complains about me being in the room and sometimes doesn’t even let me in. And I don’t even want to take friends to my place because of not having my own room.

Plus, I’ve started to want peace. I want my own space, which doesn not even have to be big. A small room where I can fit a bed and a table would be perfect for me. I just want to have my own room where I don’t have to worry about my sister touching my stuff, not being able to read in peace or to do my homework in silence.

It just upsets me so much, that I don’t have my own room. And annoys me as well.