2 years ago my brother and his friend liked this girl. They never outright said anything but there was this tension between them which seemed to fly right past this girl’s head. My brother invited the girl to his homecoming which she accepted and then later flaked out on.

Two years later and it seemed that everything was getting better. We had formed a little group with my brother, her, me and two other people. I started to become close with the girl when suddenly I started to hear some rumors. Apparently my brother’s friend started to tell everyone that he had hooked up with this girl, pointing to a hickey that he had. I couldn’t believe this and decided he was attention-seeking and left it at that.

A couple of days ago the girl and I had a deep talk and she told me she was in fact hooking up with my brother’s friend behind all of our backs. I would have been fine but it turns out they both have not told my brother. I know it’s personal, but it hurts a lot because they were a trio two years ago. It’s weird to see the dynamics change.

I’m scared what will happen when she tells him what’s been happening.