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Offended when older/unattractive guys think they have a chance

So, I’m a 19 year old college student. I would consider myself attractive, and don’t have particularly high standards. I don’t get hit on often, but when I do, it’s by really hot guys so idk. I go to a commuter school, which means alot of non-traditional (older) students come here. Yesterday, a slightly older, balding, kinda chubby dude (probably late 20’s to early 30’s) held the door open for me, and when I thanked him, he took it as a go-ahead for an interrogation. He started asking about my life and somehow transitioned the conversation to SERIAL KILLERS. What the fuck? I KID YOU NOT, THIS DUDE CAME WITH ME WHILE I RAN ERRANDS AND WOULDN’T TAKE THE HINT THAT I WANTED TO BE LEFT ALONE. HE GAVE ME HIS NUMBER AND MADE ME TEXT HIM SO HE COULD GET MINE. HE THEN SAYS HE WANTS TO “GET TO KNOW ME BETTER” . He looked hella nervous and was sweating alot too, which REALLY grossed me out. Anyway, he starts pressuring me to go on a date with him, and keeps complimenting me. I can’t help it, but I feel kinda grossed out right now. I don’t care for appearance all that much, but when you’re balding and have a head rounder than a basketball, what makes you think some young college girl would legitimately want anything to do with you? Keep in mind that I tried to let him know I wasn’t interested, but apparently wasn’t straightforward enough because he still thinks he has a chance. HE WON’T LEAVE ME ALONE GUYS PLEASE HELP. Phew. Rant over.

Can anyone else relate? I literally feel like throwing up right now.


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  1. Anonymous

    An older guy, and I would also say he was unattractive in my honest opinion, came on to me and I felt so uncomfortable. He tried to give me a phone. Asked me for a hug, and me being the meek/shy girl that I was I just hugged him and he started moaning.

    And I am glad that was the end to it. No way would I ever go further the biggest mistake any older guy can make is thinking of taking advantage of younger women.

    Don’t call a woman a golddigger though, that is just an embarrassing last resort to soothe a man’s bruised ego. (There are far more men that seem to take advantage of women it seems to me. (example that older man who tried to PUSH a phone on to me and I never asked him for anything or even want anything from him.)

    I have an older brother that I’ve received a lot of abusive words/passive agression from my older brother who has a problem with the opposite sex and takes it out on me when he knows I hate his guts.

    The guy just doesn’t get that my hatred for him stems from the way he has treated me and for the person he is inside. A bitter, homophobic, sexist and generally negative, hateful man. He puts down anyone and everyone as if he can judge. People that are getting on with their lives and doing something for themselves, how and why do they deserve his nasty comments? He has also very unfairly tried to manipulate me in to being his carer and the person responsible for him when I am 6 years younger than him. He does absolutely nothing to help around the house and his general presence is heavy and offensive to me.

    Says stupid things such as “my bones have melted” blames his parents for something they said several years back and clings to it. “You told me not to go out that’s why I stay indoors” NO. Own up to the fact that you have anxiety or some other mental illness. How wrong and unfair to cling to that one line. We all have to take accountability and responsibility for our own lives even if our parents, people/ others in the world have damaged or wounded us somehow.

    It’s a huge unfair burden to put on anyone, blaming them for everything and not taking any accountability for yourself. I could do with a lot of help myself and don’t need the added attempt at covert incest in the past. Yes the retard cannot see (or refuses to see) what he is doing and it just disgusts me in general.)

    He’s so negative and puts me down for anything that I like or enjoy too. Makes vile remarks such as maybe it’s time for (my name) to get married.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Author, if a guy who was late twenties to early 30s was more attractive and not balding and had a nice physique would you be more likely to reciprocate?

  3. Dan

    And dont be so ageist.No adult is too old or young for any other adult…

  4. ANON

    Just scream and run. Yes SCREAM! When he comes after you just SCREAM. Say LEAVE ME ALONE!!

  5. Anonymous

    Looks is everything, how could you say it is not?

    • Anonymous

      Because even though it’s important initially, but that sort of attraction won’t hold in a long term relationship.

      • Anonymous

        Nice misdirection, there. Very misleading. Personality keeps you in, but it’s looks that get you in the door in the first place (unless she’s a gold digger or desperate to get married). You can have the greatest personality, but if you’re ugly, you’re not getting in. PERIOD!

  6. Anonymous

    well, i’m 26 and bald, but shaved, i never try to approach hot girl let alone younger hot girl but, whether you believed or not 4 hot younger girl around 22-23 years old hit on me in the last 2 year, very beatiful girl…
    I don’t know if here in italy it’s different but i think that guy who hit on you was ugly overral, and creepy as hell, wasn’t he???
    Anyway i also got approached by ugly chick and that annoyed me a lot so i kinda feel you on that, it’s annoying as fuck but don’t be too harsh if someone you don’t like tries to approach you nicely……

    • Anonymous

      Author here, yeah, I didn’t mean to come off as so harsh, but this guy was way to old for me and was really aggressive so I was really irritated when I made this post. Obviously, looks aren’t everything, but I personally dislike when guys approach me and act like they’re entitled to be with me

      • Anonymous

        yes, that’s totally legit…..

      • Anonymous

        Looks ARE of primary importance and you know it. Please, just stop already with this “obviously looks aren’t everything” crap.

        • Anonymous

          They aren’t once you’re already in a long-term relationship. But, to be in a long term relationship, you have to be attractive.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah,coming from a guy it’s hard to be honest and upfront with guys like that because they get all immature and act like jerks even more when you tell them you’re not interested straight up or they just keep pestering you anyway,so the best thing to do is be polite and tell them what they want to hear to get them off your back so you can make a clean break and move on.

      • Dan

        Well the thing is, balding guys over 30 pick up college girls all the time.Some college girls prefer bald old men.So why shouldn’t he try his luck? Should he boycott hitting on all younger women just because you dont like it?
        Granted he should have taken the hints that you werent interested much earlier, and backed off.Normally it doesnt take too much to signal a guy your not interested.

        • Anonymous

          It’s totally fine if you’re aware of social cues, but this dude was being really persistent and annoying about it. He just didn’t get the hint and was saying really creepy things.

        • Diamondguy

          Dan its clear your an ugly guy. The only chicks bald ugly guys can pick up are fat ugly trolls. Be it college or Zimbabwe.

          Wait a minute…

          Your probably a bald ugly guy ain’t ya!

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