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oh i’m sorry

WELL THEN. i’m sorry that my best friend has basically disowned me blatantly ignored me even when i’m feeling really shit, and i’m sorry for bothering you with my anxiety and depression and my perceptiveness as to WHY i am angry at how she ignored me this morning so i’m sorry for feeling i could come to you guys for some comfort or rant space because obviously you two don’t give two shits about me, just like the other group doesn’t. So i’m sorry if all of this week and last week i worked my butt off trying to finish a 3500 word report which has increased my depression and anxiety for over 10 months and trying to get a whole class of girls to bring in something australia themes to give to niamh who is going away for 6 months on exchange and then making whole package full of everyones things and my own things that i went and bought that were quite expensive, and i’m sorry for not bringing some chocolate for her farewell party at lunch, and i’m sorry for annoying you guys with my anxiety and paranoia over my thought that sarah now hates me, and i’m sorry that you thought because i came back to this group that i didn’t know we were trying to keep a level head and not bitch about people and i’m sorry that my depression and anxiety got a hold of me and FUCKING RULED MY MIND WHICH IS THE DEFINITION OF THE TWO SO I’M SORRY THAT YOU HAD TO TELL ME THAT I WAS BEING A BITCH A RUDE AND BRINGING NEGATIVITY TO THE GROUP AND I SHOULD SIMPLY ‘LET IT GO’ AND I’M SORRY NIAMH THAT I HAVE BEEN YOUR FRIEND FOR 4 YEARS IN MATHS AND NETBALL AND EVERYTHING ELSE AND YOU COULDNT EVEN BOTHER INVITING ME TO YOUR GOING AWAY DINNER, I MEAN IM NOT STUPID SO I DID THINK THAT YOU LIKED ME BUT WHAT EVER AS MY MOTHER TOLD ME TONIGHT, GEORGIE WAS RIGHT! I SHOULD JUST LET IT GO SHOULDN’T I. OH YES. I’M. SORRY. FUCK YOU.


No eating today…


Rude Talkers


  1. Trix

    Love that skirt and top combo. I`ve been looking at maxi skirts today but can`t find maentrity ones I like as I don`t like wearing under the bump things.Dx

  2. Ayesha

    best friends are bitches. you go girl

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