I feel like I want to punch someone… My older brother is so pessimistic! And my older sister… I dislike her with a passion. First my brother, he has such a negative view in life! He kept saying: “Life is hard, let’s all kill ourselves to escape hardship!”. First of all, FUCK YOU, you KYS yourself if you have given up on life that badly, don’t you dare drag me into this! I’m not going to die I’m going to live and no matter what, I’ll live the way I want it to be! Second, stop bringing negative luck in our life, or saying you can’t win this and give up… NO! I’m not going to give up and I’ll definitely win this life! This Life is MINE, you twit! And lastly, to my older sister… stop calling/requesting for my pressence and to babysit. My nephew is old now! He needs to e taught a lesson of self-dependent, stop asking for me when you got a job or meeting to go. Just… STOP. I want to build a small business and this will take long because it requires me to build followers in social media. YOu kept telling me that I needed a job to support myself financially. Now that I’m doing it, you want me to drop everything to watch over him? FAK U, sis. Fak U.