I don’t understand why everyone except me gets a say in whether I get to go to online school. I mean I thought it was my “high school experience” not my grandparents, aunt, uncle , dad, mom or anyone else’s. So how come they get to decide if I go to public school I mean they aren’t the ones who have to go through it….I AM! Both of my parents have even talked about how bad their experience in public school was I just don’t understand that if it was that bad then why they want to make me go through that. Plus they say im not going to see my classmates again in 4 years so what I the point of trying to be friends with those awful people. I mean to be honest as much as I love my best friend I probably won’t see her the year after we graduate. They just don’t understand that im not social inside of school, it’s not that I don’t want to be, I mean everyone has dreamed of being popular, I just have an anxiety of it. By it I mean showing my true personality. I don’t know why they can’t understand that. But the anxiety is only there during school hours and not when im free of that prison. I guess I don’t have it outside of school because there isn’t any “clicks” and I can be me without getting judged because I know I have a choice whether I see those people again. So if they don’t like my true personality then I can just never have to deal with them again. Unlike with school, if someone doesn’t like me in school then I have to keep seeing their face day after day. Which is a constant reminder that I’m not liked by someone and then I start feeling that I’m not liked by anyone.