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This is so hard. Because my mom didn’t have her end of life documents completed before her mind started slipping away. I am stuck in this state cause I was appointed by the state to take car of her financial affair. Non of my other 6 brothers and sisters will take on the responsibility. It’s been over 10 years. Her health is getting worse but she is still surviving. I know if may sound mean to want her to go but she is not really living here. I am tired of being the one who takes care of everyone else. I wish for a while someone could take care of me. Between my husband my two sons my mom my sis and several nieces and a cuz, I am ready to go on strike. I’m so ready to be able to just take care of myself!!! Go away everyone!!!


Spousal Support




  1. Anonymous

    I hope you can get through this eventually. Maybe join a support group or guilt trip your siblings what pieces of shit they are for not helping. That’s what my mom did once since two of her nephews lived with her mother yet still didnt have jobs. So she kept reminding how one day, grandma is going to die and wont be able to feed them and give them a roof to live under so they can keep playing their video game unless they get off their lazy asses and get jobs. Something along those lines might spark an idea to get support. Or ask your husband to assist you.

    • Chains

      Thanks for your comments. It made me laugh when you said to ask my husband. I have another rant title spousal support about him. It shouldn’t be much longer my mom turned 89 this year.

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