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Out forefathers were dense AF

I truly believe that our forefathers fucked up. “All men were created equal.” Was was that really intended to mean? Other than just making some bold ass statement and then relying on human kind to be smart enough to figure out the misrepresentation of the statement for future years to come. Except, mankind became way too dependent on that statement, focusing on the word MAN in mankind. Did the forefathers really intend to leave women out, or did they truly believe that woman were nothing more than a birthing tool created to literally remain as a housewife forever. That is just silly. If all MEN were created equal, then why were some men forced into slavery? In my opinion, the Declaration Of Inde-whatever is intrpreted much to literally. There are many factors that are slowly evolving in today’s society, but they still fail to address many issues at hand. Racism, sexism, racism… I said that again, because I truly believe that denying refugees or accepting immigrants into our country is flat out racism. Going on a tangent now. American’s have this false idea that we are better than everyone else. That everyone from other countries wants to come into America and steal our jobs, steal our wives and live the American dreams. Insightful, except for the fact that some American’s also have the dream to travel abroad, see the world, and one day potentially live in another country. American’s dream about what is exotic. Rich American’s are able to just leave and move to other countries, they don’t worry about whether or not these countries are trying to keep American’s out, or whether these countries have patrol officers at the border… because, let’s face it, everyone loves Americans. Right? Wrong. SO wrong, let’s imagine we can do a trade. If you and your fancy rich family can travel to Paris (Pair-ee) and decide that you love it enough to want to shack up and live there, well then why does it not go both ways? I understand that there is the issue of overpopulation- there is not enough room in America to put all of these people that just LOVE our country. Except, they aren’t running to America because they love our country, they are running to America because shit is so fucked up in their country, that they literally have no choice. What is a fucking imaginery line on a globe to prevent someone from coming into a place that provides safety for their family. Guess what, if an immigrant has your job, it’s because you didn’t apply for it, or better yet it’s because you weren’t qualifed. Actually, it could be because you decided that you wouldn’t make enough to provide for your family. Which is fine. But, just because someone else has the job, doesn’t mean they fucking stole it from you. Blah. I’m not even really mad about the woman thing anymore, which I should be. I am more mad about racists and bigots and people who think that they deserve so much more from the world just because they were born in America. Hello, you could have been born ANYWHERE in the world and been the exact same sperm racing to beat out all the other potential sperm-ees. And being born in America does not make you better than any one else, it just makes you more fucking naive, and egocentric. The world is the world, it is land. It is some random place that we all just happen to live on. Do you think when the world was created (by god, the big bang, aliens, fucking whatever) that there were lines drawn in the sand to specify where each species was “allowed” to go. Fucking dumb, and sheltered. God, so fucking dumb. I live in America and that means that I get to decide where everyone else in the world should be. Why? Because it is my right as an American. Please get some fucking sense. If you are one of the people who believes in this, I truly pray for you. To Buddha, Allah, god and the approximate other 320,000,000 gods which are currently worshiped. I’m not too versed in the religion spectrum. The world was not intended for this. You know what, this is probably what happened to dinosaurs before the died out, all of a sudden they decided that they should be separated between certain dinosaur sectors and then they all killed each other. Dogs don’t do this shit, if a dog from Palestine met a dog from America, they would sniff each other’s asses and then become dog bestfriends. Humanity is Humanity – not Humanity is America, Fuck. Rant over. Except now I want to go on an anti-abortion rant. Why does a council made up of men get to decide what I do to my body? Scientists should invent a device that transfers an unborn fetus into the body of a man if he wants to keep it so bad. You keep it. I’ll save that one for another day.


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  1. Anonymous

    Our forefathers lived in a very different time that we do today – values were different, society as a whole functioned as more of a hierarchy. I’m not excusing that racism and slavery existed back then but you need to understand that’s just how people thought and operated. America was not the first nation to deal in slavery, in fact, the first mentions of slavery go back to Babylonian times -thousands of years ago. African tribes sold their cousins to white slave traders, and we know tribal warfare in Asia, the middle east and Africa led to slavery. Fortunately, America WAS the first nation to actually fight a war (civil war) to END slavery.

    Women being subjugated also didn’t originate in America, women were treated as subservient to men in Ancient Greece, Rome and countless other countries, even today in nations like North Korea, China, and many South American nations women are considrered almost second-class citizens. The great thing about America is that we’ve worked with other first-world countries to level the playing field. Capitalism is an amazing equalizer. If you have the skills and the products people want, you can amass money, power and fame – it doesn’t matter what your gender, race, or beliefs are.

    America was called “the great experiment” because it was just that, a place to test out new ideas like freedom of thought, speech, and the pursuit of happiness. We haven’t always gotten it right, but we’ve always tried to improve. The next time you feel like we’re backwards or in the dark ages, I’d encourage you to look at look at more socialist countries and see what their standard of living is like (check youtube or pragertv).

  2. Kittle

    I apologize for multiple grammatical errors- I was feeling it

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