I can’t possibly put the whole story in this box… I’m just done. I up and moved my life from Arizona to move to Nebraska for her and nothing I’ve done since (shit even moving) has been enough. I’ve been a shitty partner on my end as I’ve been struggling with work, which hasn’t been something I’ve ever had to deal with before so she’s been paying for everything and while continuing to look for work I do the stuff around the house…. Which none of it is enough. Even when I was working a bunch and I would come home and clean and make dinner it still wasn’t enough. She’s so quick to point out absolutely every bad thing I do or say, but fails to see when she does or says anything wrong. Instead of admitting her fault she continues to blame me for things. I own up to my stuff fully and whole heartily am trying to fix things, but how can anyone be expected to make any sort of change when all they ever receive is negative feedback? I don’t get it. Honestly I’m tired of fighting and trying to figure it out. She was right I guess, she can’t love me how I want to be loved. I need to just end things with her and move on. I have a feeling no matter what I do, there isn’t anything that is going to be good enough for her and she will never let things go, she will always hold things against me and throw it in my face at any chance, just as she does now. I wish I didn’t love you anymore, I wish I never did. Should have stayed in Arizona, yes I was single, but I was beyond happy. Now… Not so much… Can’t believe we went from planning a wedding to barely talking. Time to stand up, turn around and walk away.