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i am so over being the girl everyone ignores, of being the quiet, awkward girl. I am over trying to make everyone else comfortable only for them to leave me behind. Every day i’m fighting for myself, trying not to give up. And i’m angry, angry at the fact no one noticed me, no one tried to help. So I am changing the way people see me, because i’m over being over looked, i’m tired of being labelled the quiet one, I only hold back what I want to say for fear of offending someone. Now when someone wants to do something the rest of the group isn’t doing, they can find someone else to do it with. When my parents talk shit about each other, ill tell them where to go. Im over being the ‘good’ influence, i’m tired of being the role model, I just want to be without any labels, I will forge a road where I will travel without any baggage other than what I pick up on the way.


i am lost


Keep your pity…

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  1. Anonymous

    I feel the same way; I have always been the “quiet girl” the one overlooked for those who were prettier or more talented. I’m so glad that you’ve decided to be who you are. You have a voice like no other, my friend. Use it well. I wish you luck in everything you do.

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