It bothers the shit out of me that despite exercising hard 6 days a week and eating a carefully controlled and doctor-approved diet, I am still overweight due to a slew of medications and hormone imbalances. I am extremely strong and can run for miles but will never lose the fat. It pisses me off that some girls complain about being overweight even though they don’t take care of their bodies.

I’m really trying to be confident and love my body but it would be so much easier if I saw reward for my hard work. But it will never happen.
So that’s why I came to rant. No advice will help me, my doctor and I have tried everything. I’ll never be sexy, I’ll never feel free of the weight. It’s so discouraging that I am doing everything right but feel so fat.

I’m not looking for words of encouragement, just need to unburden my feelings into the internet dark hole. Fuck.