So I’ve been a fan of kpop (korean music) for 3 years now and my mom thought it was irritating hearing me listen to music I didn’t understand my dad said i was weird and my brothers kept asking when i was going China it made me upset and being the only girl or only person at school who listens to kpop was awkward for me but I didn’t think it was bad to life a certain type of music I embraced it im even getting my friend’s into it well now that im comfortable with it today i was on Instagram and a kpop song was playing and my mom was next to me she started yelling “can you understand those chinks!?” I told does it matter if I do
She told me to not listen to some chinks i cant understood
I was getting really sad and I said language isn’t a barrier when it comes to music (please don’t attack me for saying that)
She said To help if it isn’t then she started going off on how all asians are trash then she started saying how much she doesn’t like African americans and she said she hates everyone…
I went to my room and I’m thinking should i stop listening to kpop ? I don’t want people to think I’m weird just cause of music I feel so out of place man I feel so worthless right now