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Parents Abuse??


My parents might be emotionally abusing me but I am unsure. We fight at least 5 times a week, if not, more, as well as physical fights (threats/hitting). They never praise me for anything I do good in, but they always make sure to yell at me for mistakes that I’ve made. I always strive to be perfect in everything now, but there’s always flaws, and I stress constantly in making sure everything looks just right or else I will freak out. It’s weird, as if I have some sort of developed OCD. They are constantly fighting with my to get my grades up which, honestly, I could care less about. My mom has hit me once before and my dad has threatened to hurt me. They say they will take everything away from me, including clothing, food, water, space (keep my in a 10 by 10 room we have under our stairs), and etc. They say I’m ungrateful for all the privileges I have, when I have vey few. They threaten to take my bed away and have me sleep on the floor, give me only bread and water as they eat steak or lobster, and etc. I do understand that I do give out an attitude, but I have been restraining and been getting better. My dad said he’d drop me from my Science Olympiad (a huge passion of mine) and use the money to enroll me into a weekend military school until my grades and attitude/gratefulness improve. It’s scary to me because I love Science Olympiad so much!! Its a huge hobby of mine, and I can’t live without it. Overthinking/Stressing about these so called “threats” has (probably) been affecting my mental health and is probably the #1 reason why my grades are slipping right now. I have a phone I got from my friend (old spare) as a birthday/Christmas gift, and that’s the only contact I have with anyone outside of school. I recently moved about 40-50 mins away from my prev home and all my friends live there, so I have very little time to ever talk to them now. These old friends now think I’m ignoring them, and I feel like i’m abandoning them and it sucks. Not to mention that I also have a little sister who is basically a princess. Good grades, good looks, nice personality, sweet, kind, forgiving, etc. And my parents treat her like a princess all the damn time! She gets special treatment and praises and rewards for things and I only get screamed at. She’s nice to me but I feel like my parents are trying to brainwash her into treating me like shit too. Ugh. I cant live like this. I don’t know what to do!! Do I get help or deal with it?


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  1. moizzzzzzzz

    im really sorry u are going through this well parents are like this they are pretty shit but please dont let them kill your dreams life is unfair sometimes but if u give up they’ll get successful and if u dont and get a job and like get successful or something u can burn your haters i honestly believe in you and i hope u do great dont let the world change u matter fact u should change the world by your work

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