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i hate it when you tell your friends you are going to do something, eg. the 40 hour famine and they start being so negative about it and i guess they just don’t know the point of it. i like to help out people that are in need. then they start saying what it is, saying that i HAVE to give up food, like no. i don’t have to, i can give up whatever i want the whole point is understanding what people have to go through. no food, not talking, no furniture and no appliances, gosh.


Peter Wittendorp Slutty Wife Kang Puay Ju A Homewrecker & Whore!!



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  1. Solyn

    Che bel saluto all'estate… poi con le tue foto bellissime.. lo sai che quando le guardo mi viene voglia di saltarci dentro come faceva Mary Poppins nei quadri di Bert..hai presente? E poi quanti grillo paanrnte..faltastico!

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