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People Who Think They’re Special

So this mainly happens on social media and at my school, but it pisses me off so fucking much. There’s an abundance of people I know who don’t shut their asses about all of their “problems” and feelings. I know it’s just a way to bitch (like I am right now), but it’s one of the most annoying things I’ve come to know because people seem to think that I want to listen to them talk on and on about how they have a cold or they got no sleep last night. For instance, there’s this one girl (a friend of a friend) who acts (and I truly mean “acts”) like an emo cunt. She never stops complaining about how she’s in pain for one reason or another. It may come across your mind, “But what if it’s legitimate pain?” I wish I could think that. However, no mentally ill person I’ve gotten to know will post depressing shit on Instagram without being anonymous. This bitch is completely transparent and she posts things talking about how “no one understands” and the sad music she’s currently listening to. Half of her posts are Spotify songs. Really? Fucking really? Who the hell would want to know that you’re listening to x? I want to scream at her because she’s so oblivious to the fact that the majority of her followers only follow her because they know her. Practically no one wants to see some lovesick sap shit in their feed. Everyone experiences pain, and everyone can be sad. You’re not some special person because you have the audacity to shove it down everyone else’s throats. And yes, I know I’m kind of doing the same thing here, but I don’t want to invade my friends with this. A ranting website is better, IMO.


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    what if she has depression?

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