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People who wear surgical masks in public offend me

Today i was walking in public and happened to pass a person wearing a surgical mask. The first thought that went through my mind was “WTF, i am more likely going to get something from you”. Yeah yeah, they might be protecting themselves, but still I mean do you really have to go that overboard that you have to wear it in public? Not everyone has an illness or infection or virus that you have to go that far. If your immune system is so weak that you have to wear that, stay at home in a bubble with you own personal airflow. What difference does it make whether you are just outside your door, inside your house or on a damn train. It is all the same air, isn’t it. Are you going to start wearing a Kevlar suit when you cross the street being afraid of getting hit by a car, or wearing a helmet in case something falls from the sky and hits you or wearing a stab proof vest being afraid every time you walk out the door someone is going to rob you? Ummmm, I don’t think so. So why the hell would you wear a mask. This is the world we live in, it is a part of being alive. So just deal with it. FUCK.


That friend you love normally till she implies your a stick.


So Cold


  1. Anonymous

    *wakes up*
    It’s a new morning! What are we going to be offended by today??

    Surgical masks?? Sounds stupid enough to be worthwhile! Let’s DO IT!

    You people are idiots.

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  14. Negetivity

    Stop being so Dickensian negetive I’ve worn a surgical mask in public because I had swine flu for 2 frucken weeks and also where’d it at school you stupid cunt!!!!!

  15. Lucinda

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  16. Anonymous

    Try to pay attention to more important things in life! My mother has worn a surgical mask before because she has lung damage from second hand smoke and the common cold is alot harder on her than most. Try to be happy more! You sound pretty miserable.

  17. Anonymous

    Um, usually it’s the opposite. They’re being polite and trying to prevent you from catching their germs.

  18. Anonymous

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  19. Anonymous

    Could you sound any less like a stuck up cunt? Chances are that they themselves were ill and were taking measures to prevent spreading it to others. Even baring with people like you judging them for it.

    That said, even if they were trying to protect themselves, why does that bother you? I say good for them.

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