Whenever my girlfriend is in a bad mood, she always takes things out on me. “Why cant you just do this…” or “why did/didnt you do this…” or “why are you like this?”, or something similar to that. She is kind of a perfectionist and always likes things to be done her way. She doesnt have to have things in certain order or anything, she just has her own way of thinking how things should be done. She is older than me and so its understandable that i dont do everything like her, especially since there is culture difference involved too. I always try to get used to what she wants and how she lives but she still gets mad at me and it upsets me because i cant just get used to how she does things right away. I know that there are times when people disagree, but its like she takes it out on me even though she says she doesnt. I am a very sensitive person and i cry when i am happy, sad, mad, upset, stressed and so on. She knows this. But she gets upset every time i cry. I am very understanding when she is stressed and stuff, but i mean, why does she have to get mad at me when i do things she doesnt agree with? It makes me very upset and we argue about these things the most. She always wakes up the next day and apologizes but i mean, I want her to be more understanding and meet me in the middle. Like i am trying to get accustomed to her way of life, so i want to her do the same with how i live. I am a generally a messy person and i am slowly changing for her, but she doesnt like that its slow or something. I have talked to her about this before and she understands, but i mean still, she does it. I know she needs time too, and she stopped herself from saying something tonight, and i stopped myself from pushing her to talk as well since i know she is tired. I am the kind of person who likes to talk things out right away, she is not at all. So sometimes i do push her but i cant help it. I decided to leave it be for tonight and i will talk to her about it tomorrow, but its still very upsetting that i could tell she was annoyed in her voice before she went to sleep.