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i swear on god chicas got me fucked up. ive chased a bunch of girls and while a few have said yes and went on a few dates with me, i have this tendency to shoot out of my league. i chase these perfect girls when i am far from a perfect guy. i dont usually catch feelings for them but there is this one girl. damn is she something else. shes never kissed a guy but so many are chasing her rn in our junior year of high school. now im not creepily obsessed with her, i have dated other girls and been rejected by other girls in the meantime, but she caught my eye in 7th grade and we had this wierd 7th grade romancy thing going where i asked her out and she said yea but we didnt do shit bc we couldnt drive or stay out past like 8:30. I liked her before other people thought she was cute, but now everyone sees it and it blows. the 7th grade thing just kinda drifted away. now shes a captain on the varsity field hockey team, has an amazing body, a perfect face, long soft blond hair, a splash of freckles across her nose and cheeks, just every inch of her is perfect and all the dudes know it. so rn there are so many guys chasing her she cant even keep track, the football team captain who is hot as shit (im not even gay, its just a fact) is into her a kid who looks like a monkey wants some and everyone in between. im somewhere in the in between. heres the deal. all of us have asked her out by know, like literally this feels like one of those reality tv dating shows where she narrows down the contestants. remember she is really picky, hasnt even had her first kiss as a junior in high school. she has rejected every single one of them. like forthright “no, im sorry, but i dont see US happening”. only 3 exceptions, The football team captain (Chad), this guy she thinks is gay but really wants to fuck her (Carnitas) and me. every one else was flat out REJECTION baby. Chad got a sort of yes. he asks her out she says yes but only if they go out with a group. she didnt think it was a date and nothing happened. hottest dude in the school who has sex on the first date didnt even hold her hand so something is holding her back. Chad backed off since it wasnt getting physical fast enough. Carnitas (Gay guy) isnt a threat, she thinks hes fucking gay. me, now this sucks, i asks, she says yes, i get excited, we make plans, something always “comes up”. i would get hella excited like “damn im actually gonna go out with her, finally” then it falls through and i realize she just doesnt want to reject me forthright. but she rejected a bunch of guys forthright so what is it that is preventing it from happening. this cycle kept going on for like weeks when i had had enough of the bullshit. so i tell her i feel real strong about her, i wanna go out with her, i wanna spend a bunch of time with her a bunch of emotional claptrap. i texted it all and closed with, you dont need to answer know, id prefer if you tell me in person. it was a long mf text. she reads it for like 5-6 mins then says, i really care about you too
you are one of the funniest and nicest people i know
i know that i can always count on you
i cant believe youve felt this way about me for so long

but i dont feel the same level of connection and care as you do
im sorry
but i do love hanging out with you, its something i want to do more of
please dont take this as i dont like you bc i do, just not like that

why does she have to do me like this. idek how to get out of friendzone, i just know that thats where i go after breakups not rejections. i think imma try to date all of her friends and hook up with some of them and treat them real nice so she sees me as some hot shot big deal and decides to try me out. or shell think im a man whore. maybe i can just try to make our “friendship” progress to “best friendship” and then start building up some sexual tension until it collapses and we hook up. idk man…



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  1. Allie212002

    Daaayyummm. I say go be friends until uk sexual tension start building up. And btw she sounds like a keeper

    • Anonymous

      Haha thx Allie, she ended up getting w chads friend, younger than us, average looks, super nice guy, football player. im going out w her best friend rn and its actually kinda nice. haven’t rly talked to her in a while tho…

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