Hey guys this isnt a rant but a hopefully uplifting message. I came here to rant a few days prior and tbh I rlly wanted someone to reply to my rant to console me but ofc noone could. so this goes to everyone who’s going through a hard time, I may not know you or what yr going through but what I do know is that you’ll get through it cause I can tell you that you’re never going to be exposed to something you cant handle or get through. people dont say life moves on for no reason they say it cause life is time it’s going to keep ticking away and if you stop moving forward and begin reminiscing too much about something that already happened you’re eventually going to run out of it.
Whoever did you wrong, whatever’s happening to you, always remember that you need to push yr self cause in this generation theres multiple shit happening that we have to deal with but that’s what we have to do, deal with it cause that’s how we break past these barriers. Please take care of yrself and know that yr existence in this world has a purpose you just need to find it:)❤