I watched the Kavanaugh confirmation last week and need to rant about the behavior exhibited by the Democrats.
I spent 20 years in the military as a policeman, mostly as an investigator. I carried a top secret clearance at one base and investigated those that violated classified information. Yes, I was hot watching how both parties ignored the regulations during the Hillary fiasco The higher the rank, the least the respect.

But this is about the Dems attacking a top of the line judge just one week before his confirmation.

I was once a liberal; voted for Carter, then Reagon, then voted for Clinton, but after his BJ in the oval office. And after trying to justify that to all my friends, I was disillusioned but still voted for Gore and up wished I had voted for Bush.
To move on, I did not vote for Obama cause I could not reconcile his past. But all others seem to think it’s fine. Still not sure.
When the Dems dropped the bomb about Dr Ford, and waited three weeks to do it. I just couldn’t believe they would drop that with no concrete evidence from witnesses, and rely on people falling to pressure, saying they believe her and if you don’t, you’re an old, white, racist male.
The Dems had no feelings for Ford and the other accusers. The also we’re actually proud of ruining Kavanaugh’s family and career..
After all that, I don’t see how anyone can believe anything that do or say. There is a sleezy atmosphere of underhanded defamation with no rules.
I have NEVER seen such underhandedness. ‘Nuff said.