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Politics are so shit right now.

What a fucking mess and load of bullshit. So, here we have Trump, an obviously likely winner of the presidency with who wields some of the most bigotted views an American politician can have in 2016. Then have weak leader cheating crook Hillary endorsed by Bernie Fucking Sanders for a shitting attempt to unite the Democratic party. All the established media, except for Fox News (which recently spewed out racism courtesy of O’Reilly) actually covered Sanders supporters majority who are going against Hillary.

So, who the hell do I vote for? Does 3rd party ACTUALLY get anywhere? Bernie threw his votes away after legitimate proof of foul play against him by the established Democratic / Hillary platform. Betrayed his supporters, bent the knee, accepted the bribe, however the hell you want to call it.

I’m just sick of the past months politics.


Fuck life.


Idk why im posting this :(


  1. Aileen

    Dear Paddy & Jen – its just amazing what a gorgeous family you have. You must be incredible parents. I’m so disappointed I haven’t met either of your gorgeous children yet. Please lets try to coordinate a visit! Miss you loads & coloratunatigns again!

  2. Anonymous

    My opinion, it’s our own damn fault. Everybody wants what they want, how they want it, now, at any expense, especially if it’s at someone else’s expense. Rather than trying to address what’s necessary, we’re too busy flinging blame at one another in hopes of even remotely removing any speck of responsibility or accountability. We want the government to take care of us and the government is MORE than happy to oblige. You wait, next time the people are frothing at the mouth divided about something controversial, the feds will swoop right in for a power grab and side with whatever gives them the most unwarranted authority.

    This is how it happened in other countries in the past and it’s how it’s happening here now. We’ve lowered our standards for petty goals.

    I can tell you right now, you can certainly count on the pathetically dishonest media to tell you either exactly what you want to hear or whatever will trigger you to anger the most.

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