ugh okay i just need to rid myself of this bc its bombarding my mind and i need it to be somewhere else. a while back i was cut off from one of my friends due to my family thinking “she was turning me gay” when in reality i was out before her and what not. but its been months, almost half a year i think? and ive hardly seen her other than social events we happen to meet up at or like a time we hung out in secret on my birthday. but we talk on social media all the time. but i cant deny the fact that my feelings for her are really heckin (trying not to curse sorry) strong and i cant help them. i have the urge to just hold her as tight as humanly possible and have tons of skinship with her. not even kissing or sexual contact, but just touch. holding hands, or even just leaning against her shoulder. i crave it and i dont know what to do.