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Okay, so this boy– lets name him jack, me and jack are both 14 and we have dated 4 times and we left off at good terms until his–now ex gf made us hate each other. Six months passed and I was okay I started to forget about him about how much we loved each other but then i find out six days ago he wants me back and we talked I told him he needs to gain my trust again and we were fine. We went to the movies with four of our mutual friends and we cuddled, kissed, made out. Its all normal cause we lost our first kiss to each other and we were each others first love so its all good. Then the next day he was bugging me about hand jobs, and the mere thought of losing him made me wary so I agreed and we said after ramadan id give him a hand job. When he fell asleep that night I realized, I shouldnt say yes because of a boy thats not going to stay in my life forever, so I texted him while hes sleeping that I dont think i can do it cause were not even a couple, my parents didnt raise me like this, Im muslim, we’re both 14, and i think were going too fast but now Im scared that Im going to lose him again and idk if I did the rigt thing


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    If you didn’t feel right about doing it, then you did the right thing by refusing. You can always change your mind later on if you want to do it. But doing something you don’t want can cause lasting regrets.

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