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public pooping

how would it be if we all went around shitting on lawns like the dogs and have to carry a bag to put your poop in? everywhere people are shitting in shops lately. what the fuck is going on in their minds? what is it about public pooping that is so hot in thing to do lately? well I just rocked in at the gas station and took a shit next to the gas pumb, or shat on the donuts again with 3 buddies this time after 12 halloween and poopy office desk jokers. wow. spraying the grain fields with shit down at the bakery shop and outside the H&M shops after some serious shopping needed to dump a load at the doorstep. wow. great lifestyle choices. god give me a break, it should be an offence and fined and made clean their shit up. its one thing if your genuninely sick like vomiting and shitting from a illness then you need help or if your like half a colostomy bag that just leaked everywhere. but to bend down and just shit anywhere infront of anyone at any time and place is another thing completely. just for the fun of it, not even drunk some of these dirty fart foulers.


need part time work sick of waiting for nothing




  1. Anonymous

    the shops and pubs and clubs should hand out free nappies to them.

  2. Anonymous

    this is no joke some cunt got up on a high water drinking foundain that would be around a meter and some high and took a huge human shit in it as some statement. how can you do that? why would you do that. you shit in the grass or over the wall.

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