I think you guys already know this, but Public Toilets are the most DISGUSTING places I have personally ever been to. I expect a lot of you guys to agree on this too. So here are a few of my so-called “favourite things” about them

1. Urinals. I don’t want people seeing what’s between my legs when I’m trying to pee, thank you very much

2. Writing on the walls in the Cubicles. I’m sure a lot of you can relate, but I could go into a cubicle and be thinking “who goes to the toilet with a pen in their pocket?” I could be taking a dump and be reading some stuff along the lines of “suck my cock” or “call so-and-so for a good time” along with a phone number. I’m not calling you for a “good time” after seeing your phone number on the wall in the Bus Station

3. People not flushing when they’re done. I shouldn’t have to explain why.

4. Hand Dryers not turning on. The ones with the buttons are ok, but theones with the sensers are a pain in the ass. my hands could be drenched and the Hand Dryer could be refusing to turn on, resulting in me having to dry my hands on my trousers

4b. Hand Dryers doing absolutely bare minimum if anything. I could have used the Hand Dryer and my hands would still be damp, resulting in me, once again, having to dry my hands on my trousers

5. Taps turning off way too quickly. I turn on the tap and as soon as my brain acknowledges that it turned on, it turns off again. Normally, I hold my hand underneath the tap and mash it.