I live in Hawaii. My boyfriend and I moved here when he got stationed at Pearl harbor. I have lived here for a few years, going to school here and working at a hospital. After all of this time on island I am so SICK of the RACISTS here. You’d think that this culture is one of love and acceptance for all, but you’re wrong. If you move to Hawaii you better not be white. I’m sick of people assuming I’m a tourist because I’m white, and I’m sick of people screaming obscenities at me “white bitch” “skinny haole bitch” “go back to the mainland you don’t belong here” when I am driving or walking down the road or the beach. (Haole is a word in Hawaiian meaning souless, but is generally a slur against white people.) My boyfriend and I go out to a bar and local men will purposely elbow him, push him to try to start a fight, calling him a haole bitch, saying they’re going to get his local boys to make him wish he stayed on the mainland. This even happened just last night at a bar in Waikiki. So instead of fighting this guy, we go to the cops and GUESS WHAT they’re all locals so we ask them to kick this guy out and they turn a blind eye and let him harass us and other white patrons in the bar until we leave. At my school I couldn’t take a course in Hawaiian studies because the teacher is a racist and I was told “unless you want to fail, dont take her class.” Not failing because it’s hard, but because she’ll fail you because you’re white. EVEN if you’re trying to learn about their culture you’re still wrong. One time I was with friends on the beach and an endangered Hawaiian monk seal swam up to us. We did what we should have done and backed away, and observed the wildlife at a safe distance. A local woman came running at us screaming at us to stop harassing the seal, said she was calling her local friends in the police to take us away for harassing the animal, said we had no right to be on the beach, get off my beach haole etc. I worked in a high school and that’s a pain because the last day of the year is “kill a haole” day where the local kids gang up on anyone who is white (even if they’re family is from the island.) I work in a hospital now and I get tons of patients who say shit and call other workers haoles, white assholes, so full of yourself white bitch, etc. I’m sick of getting looks in the grocery store, I’m sick of being told I can’t go to certain towns because I’ll get jumped (happened to my friend, he got jumped in a well known racist part of Oahu, racially motivated attack) and I’m sick of the racists on this island.

Look I’m not saying it’s every person who lives here, and it’s certainly not just the Hawaiians who do this. Filipino, Samoan, Japanese, Chinese and Korean people have said or done something to me with racially motivated agression. It is mostly the local Hawaiians though. How can you preach a culture of love and acceptance and then blatantly spew hate towards people you don’t know? I didn’t come to this island because I wanted to, and if I could I would leave. I’m not here to fuck up the island, I’m just trying to go about my day and enjoy life. I understand the history, and I know what America did to Hawaii was fucked up, but many people are also happy Hawaii is a state. Whatever your opinion on that, doesn’t matter cause the fact is I’m just a person, a person you don’t know. Walking down the street or driving and you have so much hate in your heart to come at me for no reason? You don’t know anything about me except what I look like. I don’t want to “take your beaches” I respect the wildlife, I don’t destroy the environment (in fact I’m involved in a lot of chairty for that) I respect your culture and I am certainly not out to get you. I have love in my heart for all races and cultures, I don’t care about the color of a person’s skin, just the content of their hear. Please, if you’re going to preach love too, show it. And if you can’t show it, at least learn to shut your mouth if nothing good is going to come out. Learn that no matter how you feel about a race, that one person you harass does not represent that race as a whole, and is not responsible for the actions of others in their race. Basically you trying to fight me or tell at me comes for no reason and will solve nothing.

So, if you’re a racist to any race, FUCK YOU. I’m just trying to illuminate the issue or racism in Hawaii that NO ONE TALKS ABOUT. I’m white and I’m proud of it. Actually, I’m not even 100% white, I’m half Middle Eastern, but that doesn’t matter when I don’t look it. That doesn’t change anything, I’m still proud of who I am. My family history is long and rich and we have our own culture, our own traditions and beliefs. If you’re African American, Asian, Middle Eastern, Caucasian, Hawaiian, or anyone you have the right to be proud of where you came from. But have the fucking respect to not harass me for my race.

FUCK anyone in Hawaii who thinks it’s okay to be racist to white people.