I hate radical feminism. I’m a feminist and I believe radical feminists ruin our credibility. They take everything too far, just like religious extremists put a stereotype on their religion, radical feminists do to feminism. It’s as if we can’t have our own opinions. For example, apparently stripping is only for males, if I, of my own free will decided to strip, it means I’m degrading myself and other women? Well fuck you this is my body, each person has their own body and can do whatever the fuck they want to with it.  Sorry this doesn’t fit into your radical feminism but I am just your every day, regular, run of the mill feminist and I believe that if someone wants to strip well then god damn let them do what they want. It’s not up to you to tell me what is or isn’t acceptable behavior, everyone views things in their own light and if you can’t see that then you are a hypocrite. Saying women deserve a voice but taking it away unless it fits your perfectly thought out guide lines? I’m not having it.
 This is but one of many times radical feminism has ruined our credibility in the quest for equality. Men and women should be equal, that’s what feminism is, don’t make it out to be us needing to be superior, because that’s equally as bad as how it is now.