The beginning of everything in a child’s life starts with the parents. With that being said the child’s actions/behavior twords life,people,and really anything for that matter is usually picked up from the parents. So as a parent you must teach you children values in life. You need to teach them how to work and be efficient in life. The parents that constantly give to there children,without the child/teen having to work for it; those are the children who grow up not knowing the value of life. I don’t blame the child for them not knowing,why should I when all they know is “if I ask for it I’ll get it” attitude twords life. There is no value in that. That parent has successfully made a lazy child and I cannot blame that child for learning that. I blame the parents. I understand as a parent you only want the best for your child and that is perfectly fine,but there has to be a median where you want them to have nice things but you need to show them how to work for those things as well. I write this because, a good friend of mine recently graduated and is starting “real life” but doesn’t know how to work because he’s never had to. Everything he has ever had has been handed to him without question. Its not that he’s lazy he wants to work but the wat he’s been raised has messed him up in a way. (I hope that made sense ) Now his parents are upset because he won’t get out and work. And that brings me back to my original point. They can’t be upset with what they have raised. They in a sense did this to him. They gave him literally everything he’s ever wanted with out ever asking for anything in return.. I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that they can be upset with him when they are the ones who did this to him and themselves. It goes to show that what you do for your child at a young age and/or throughout there life will stick with them. So teaching them to value things and to work for what they want from a young age is a very important part of growing up. I wish more parents would see and understand this in today’s world. (Excuse my grammar issues I’m frustrated)