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My life sucks I want to die. I never feel happy. I have depression and social anxiety. Why can’t my life be better.
Don’t judge


Fucking Hate Schwab



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  1. Anonymous

    Depression isn’t just in your head.

    “Brain-imaging technologies, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), have shown that the brains of people who have depression look different than those of people without depression.”

    You are not crazy. What you are experiencing isn’t just in your head, it’s real. You are very very sick. Call your doctor, he/she will administer a questionnaire about clinical depression disorder and they will put you on the right medication. There is no shame in taking medication for depression. If you are already on medication, tell your doctor that the meds you are taking are not working. There are many types of meds for depression and you might have to try many before you get the ones that work for you.

    I know all this because I used to be like you. I went through what you are currently experiencing. Calling my doctor was the best decision I could have ever made. It probably saved my life.

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