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rant about equality? race? life? idk

i guess i just don’t understand racism or inequality or why people are such dicks. like the world is the world and earth was not built for a specific race, it was just built. and skin cplot is just that. a color. i don’t understand how wherever your skin lies on the color spectrum can ever define your worth. people turn everything into racism. they bring it up whenever possible. why can’t we just pretend that colors don’t exist? i just don’t get it. and also immigrants. i welcome them i want them here. the US(and world) would be boring as heck without culture and diversity. i think immigrants and foreign people are what makes the world go round. ugh i hate all this. everyone is equal no matter who you are. people need to just learn that. why does everyone in the US think they’re so important like “oh no you immigrant are not allowed here on my beautiful white america land” like who said it was built for you??? it was built for people and all people are people no matter how small(or what color they are)


get really scared everytime i’m fucked up




  1. Scott

    I often find that its the media that inflates the Race issue bigger then it really is. And everyone seems to have ignored the fact that we live in the most peaceful and prosperous time in human history. The KKK is less then 1000 measly members and every color in Western society, works side by side wither they like to or not. Who knows, in the next 10 years what hot button issue will people complain about then. I doubt it will be race. Probably more about what “Class” your in. And I won’t assume it will be White Upper Class. We import alot of wealthy immigrants here. Infact,.. We take only all the wealthy skilled immigrants who want to come here. Now that totally sucks for those poor countries economy they left behind. yeppers,.. You’d never see a 1% er make it here unless there apart of a special program. Sucks but its true.

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