The DTES of Vancouver has many disgusting hotels. One was recently closed (Balmoral) for providing substandard living conditions. It is the property of a family that owns many sub-humane standard living conditions, the Sahota family. I, like most people who are familiar with their cruel treatment of people, disrespect the hell out of them. BUT, the health inspectors who let them get away with it, yr after yr, (buildings don’t become inhabital in short periods of time. My rant is: it’s a given that the Sahota’s are shit but why don’t we know the names of the inspectors from the CoV? They let the Sahota’s mistreat people for years. Who is the health inspector who sucks the Sahota cock, because I’ll tell you, health inspector I can easily name 10 bars where the women’s washroom doesn’t work.
If the CoV actually gives a damn about the health of Vancouverites, who is that person? Look me in the face and tell me why you permit this. What’s your name? Stand up and talk to us. Pls tell us why we don’t deserve standard, legal, safe, clean, non-third world housing? What’s your name? Bet your house is dry tonight!!