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don’t know why I’m alive I feel so useless helpless and meaninhfulless feel like I’m being ignored and blamed at for everything I feel so ugly stupid and annoying even friends left me in a corner and only be mice to me when they need my help but what can I do I want to live my teenage life to the coolest extend so I had to choose to follow them and be their “slave” I hate myself being so akwaes ugly annoying brushless s


Just ugh


Ignorant People

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  1. Sum Guy

    damn. same fucking thing. everyone thinks im an idiot but im not. i have shit grades so my folks hate me. they got divorced and blamed it on me. dad got arrested blames it on me. my “friends” use me only for money or my access to weed and cigs and beer. i stay home most weekends and just want to be liked and have a girlfriend. what helps is that i have 1 true friend. find a fellow “loser” learn to like them. its kinda like shooting in ur league. progress from there.

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The place to rant