Ima make this story short.
At 16 i was raped by some stranger. He forecullt picked me up as I was walking to school. Anyways that resulted in a pregnancy. I wanted to abort my parents didn’t let me. So now I’m 21 and single, with a 4 year old. I have NEVER gone out. I’ve never been drunk or gotten on drugs. I’m doing the best I can alone. No child support nothing. I finally ask my parents to babysit. They never do. And they said yes! So I leave the house at 5 and I get home st 10:15 with them yelling st me. I hate it. They say it’s my responsibility and shit. I wanted to abort so I can go to school. Why have a baby with no father involved. And no help from them. I couldn’t abort cause I was a minor. I’m so pissed. It gets me so depressed